Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pyridine Plant #4

 I haven't blogged in several days.  Vacation for my Mom's 80th, a family reunion, and a race in Colorado took me away from modeling for almost two weeks.  "oh, the humanity." But, here we are.  I have two days in, back on the Pyridine Plant.  The South wall is completed, and this evening I spent an inordinate amount of time gluing all the end caps for the heat enchangers on the side panels of the former oil refinery kit. I keep thinking I should paint the base, now North wall, of the plant to be a concrete color.  But it's already gray, and there is a ton of stuff that glues to it.  Painting it after all the gluing will be a pain with the myriad of pipes to work around.  So I'm still not sure. I think the gray is too bright though on the plastic.  I'll figure something out.

I decided to add a loading dock / door on the South wall as well.  I could see it being handy for supplies and maybe replacing the imaginary equipment that's in the plant.  And I can have a truck backed up to it, and maybe some barrels on the dock.  Certainly, it will add interest to an otherwise boring wall. Tomorrow night is our clubs business meeting, so, no modeling tomorrow night.  I'll likely finish the heat exhanger assembly on Thursday and Friday nights.  Then on to the walkways.

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