Monday, June 26, 2017

Pyridine Plant #3

The West wall of the plant is done. A filter and a vent adorn this wall.  Primarily as a cover to some windows I screwed up.  I was using this side to experiment with how I'd use the spare Walthers windows, and in the end, gluing them from the back (as intended in the kits they came in) and adding a window sill was the way to go.  A square for making sure the windows are square before gluing is a must.  At least one of these isn't the greatest.  But I'm probably the only person that would ever see that.  OCD sucks at times, but it's a necessity of any fabricator, scale or life size.  The vent is the typical corrugated material with a frame, and the filter is a left over Walthers Modulars modern roll up vehicle door, with the frame completed.  
I'm going on vacation, so I'm trying to ensure I have the four walls done before I leave, as I'd like to come back and dive in on the "fun" part (all the piping and columns). I have to complete the East wall yet. But it's just adding the windows, a stoop with door, and I think I'll add another door to the third floor on that side, and run a walkway from the stair tower to it. The main building should be ready for paint by the end of the week.  And I can paint it, and then wash in the mortar before doing all the pipes, tanks, and columns.  I don't anticipate this plant taking 5 months like the Benzol Plant did.

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