Monday, June 19, 2017

Benzol Plant #4

Without looking at previous photos, it would appear that I haven't done anything to the casual observer.  But I've done a good bit, considering it's Summer, and there are tons of other activities that take me away from the modeling tabel at night.  The Rectifing building is now glued to the base plate, and stoops have been added to both door locations, along with foundations, railings, and all the windows. I've also weathered the building and windows.  I started the walkway from that building to the Agitator Tower this evening.  And lastly, I added the piping from the Agitator to the Pure Oil Still Tank (tank below the Agitator tower). All that's left in that circuit is the pipe from the Still into the Rectifyer building, and then out from there to the storage tanks and loading platform.  Which can be built later.

I have to comment, there is a crazy amount of piping on this model for the overall size of it. It's taken hours and hours to make and add it all.  And I'm sure I'm missing some.  I did discover where the Wash Oil Cooling Coils were supposed to go in the flow chart of a plant like this, in the U.S.S. book that I posted about earlier.  The physical location is a mystery, but I belive it went on the roof of the tin building, based on the fact this space if empty in the photographs of the actual Thomas plant.  And it makes no sense to put the Light Oil Condensors on a "third floor" platform, if the second floor was free of anything.  So I plan on making the cooler, and putting it on that second floor, and then piping it in. I'll likely add this later, after I've gotten my Formlabs Form2.  As I can draw up the cooler, and then copy it 5 times, as the cooler is shown in the diagrams having 6 sets of coils. And then simply print it out and put it in place. I can't wait to get that printer.....

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