Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Coal Bunker / Coke Service #4

I started adding the walkways as I planned them.  The original kit walkways were pretty thick.  It's an older kit, so I guess I can see where technology has evolved in plastic injection.  I certainly wasn't going to use them.  New platforms were fabricated from JT Plastics tread plate, using Tichy platform supports and stairs from the caged ladder kits.  I've also added more Steel Mill Modelers Supply lamps.  The middle platform actually runs to what will be the conveyor from the coal hopper to the transfer house.  The upper platform runs over the same conveyor.

After getting some details finished up track hoppers, the next step was to cut them into the layout, and then ensure the track was in line and ready to place.  I really thought about this for a while, about what tool would be appropriate.  And in the end, I realized I was over thinking the fit.  If I could get it very close, it was good enough, as I had planned to create an "edging" for the track hoppers themselves once I knew just how well (or poorly) I did on the holes.

Once I started, I was very careful with the saw, and really just paid attention. I think I can use a 1/16 angle shape to create the "edging" and it will cover the holes edge just fine.  Next was to test fit the structure itself.  You can see from the photos it fit quite well.

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