Thursday, May 11, 2017

Benzol Plant 2

The Benzol Plant is finally nearing completion.  I've got over 70 hours in this facility.  And it's 12" x 14" in size.  Crazy.  I think this it probably the most complicated stratchbuilding project I have done to date. But it's been fun.  I've learned a ton about the process of how these chemicals are made though. And even made some friends along the way.  And any project that results in fellowship and learning is worth doing.

I have the Coke Ovens partially started. But I'm on the fence about doing it next, or perhaps the By-Product Plant building.  Or maybe the Final Cooler and Benzol Washers.  Who knows. I'll probably flip a coin.  This next Wednesday, we'll be having a track planning meeting at the club, and hopefully it will involve the track plan for the Coke Works.  I need to take an evening off from modeling and get the card stock footprints for each of the major buildings made for the planning meeting. Nothing like having full size footprints to play with for "packaging" the industry in the space provided.

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