Sunday, May 14, 2017

Coke Battery #1

So, I speant three hours yesterday laying up the rest of the basic coke battery.  The bunker at the end is from the Walthers kit, and just sitting there for effect.  I have no plans on using it.  It's too short, and everyone uses it.  I'd rather do something unique.  It wasn't bad grafting the kits together.  I took the battery door sectons to work and machined the ends on my Bridgeport so the dividers would all be the same width where the kits were joined.  I plan on extending the footprint on the bunker end, and building all the stuff that would to under the bunker. As well as a larry car.

I scored an IHC Cheyenne 650 Ton Coal Bunker off of ebay.  My plan is to use it as the coke loader, as well as the coal service.  I got the superstructure together so I could see where everything would go.  I've got a seperate entry going for the bunker. I think it'll work well.  I also know I'm going to have to build a transfer house. Which is fine.  That can all be overhead above one of the tracks. As will the coke screening building.

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