Monday, May 8, 2017

My journey into Steel Mill Modeling

So, here we are.  And, if you're reading this, you're wondering what all this is about.  The title is obvious.  But what is this journey?  Well, at the ripe age of 46 I find myself the newly elected VP of the Prairie Scale Model Raiload club.  And, seemingly, in charge of a 10' section of the layout where a By-Product Coke Works is going, an 8' (-ish) section that will be pier for unloading ore ships, and a 45' section where an integrated steel mill will go.  Sounds like a ton of modeling for one guy, right?  Well, it might be.  But I see years of fun, learning, and modeling ahead.  I'm not tied to one small scene or building, and then I'm done.  There are dozens of large structures to be built.  Some of which there aren't kits to support.  So I get to scratch build them.  One of my favorite tasks.  And there is much to learn.

In 1994, when I became interested in this genre called Steel Mill Modeling, there were only a few articles in magazines, and a book.  Newly released by Walthers, and writen by my (newfound) friend Dean Freytag.  Not much internet then.  So, you had to have the magazines (if you could find them), and the book, and maybe access to a mill to get photos.  Now the internet is alive with resources.  HAER, the Steel Mill Modeling FB page, the NMRA Steel Mill Modelers SIG, and so much more.

My blog will cronical my journey.  And my learning.  And hopefully help you or inspire you or both.  Enjoy.

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