Monday, May 29, 2017

By Product Plant #1

Well, it's been almost two weeks since I made a post. Work and life and a holiday got in the way.  But that's how things go I guess.  I've started in on the By Product Plant building.  This will be a large undertaking, both literally and figuratively.  The model building is 26" long and 10" wide.  I have the shell finally done.  I chose Walthers Modulars for this building, as they were the closest pre-fab kit I could find to the original design.  As I'm not modeling the prototype exactly, I didn't mind the windows being slightly different. I at least go the roof pitch close, and the overall layout of the walls close. I did add one overhead door, thinking it would allow viewing of the exhauster engines.  But, the overheads are on the backdrop side of the building, so that doesn't matter I guess.  The basic building is now built, and I can get it on a base plate.  Several of the large tanks will go on this base plate as well, and attach to this building.  So the base plate will be quite large. 26 x 16 I think.

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