Tuesday, May 16, 2017

By Product Plant #1

Started in on the By Product plant tonight. And I've discovered, much like everyone else on the internet, that I have plenty of wall panels, and not enough Columns and Caps. If anyone has 2 extra of Walthers P#933-3725, and also 1 of Walthers P# 933-3724, I could sure use them. I kept researching what to use to build this building. The Walthers Modulars won out over City Classics, but I hate how the parts fit together. As you stack the walls, it seems a bit random on how they fill fit. And I'm pretty careful about cutting them from the sprues and removing waste. And yet, they still fit poorly. I think I'm going to glue styrene strip at the joint where one floor meets the one above, and paint that concrete. I'm sure I've seen a building with this type of detail, but I don't remember where. I was hoping to have the shell done for Wednesday nights track planning meeting, but alas, no bueno. I've got to figure out how to make the tops of the end walls as well, as the Walthers peaked roof ends only span two virtical wall sections. And the end walls will be five wide. Never a dull moment for the scratch builder. I probably should have gone with DPM. You can still get all that stuff, and they give you pillasters and corners with each kit.

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