Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bleeder Stack #2

With the start of the project, I determined the height of the stack and cut the appropriate section of Evergreen Scale Models 1/2" tubing and cemented it in place with ACC. Then began on the base with the Tichy Caged Ladders installation.  The base really only gets a caged ladder and the 2 cooling lines. The Tichy Caged Ladders p#8002 are a great item, and only take a little patients to assemble.  mounts for the caged ladders to the base and up the stack were made from Evergreen 1/4" C Channel, and look much like what was used on the real stack.

Next came more caged ladder up to within about 1" of the top.  I decided to add the top works platforms, electrical boxes and igniter insulated rods at this point before I added the delicate cages to the ladders. The platforms aren't hexagonal like the prototype. I could have made these, but I had these leftovers from a Walthers Refinery laying around.  It's actually four, half platforms that I trimmed and cemented into two round platforms.  

 One juts out to a squared corner.  At first I thought about trimming it off, but then though why? Perhaps there would be a reason in real life for this.

Next came the cages and hand railings.  All I need to finish up is to add the electrical conduit from the ground to the control boxes, and the igniter wires that loop up over the top of the stack.  And to paint the whole thing. Painting is at a stand still for now, as it's 10 degrees here in the MidWest, and all painting in the garage has ceased.  I'll have to load everything up and make a trip over to the train club on an off day to paint.

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