Friday, January 5, 2018

Hiatus Interuptus

Well, if you're still following my Blog, you've noticed there has been a bit of a hiatus.  Life, work, and a new enterprise shortened my time each day, and blogging was one of those things that was put on the back burner until I could find the time again.  I gave James Musser some ribbing the other day, because he hasn't posted to his blog in almost two years.  And if you've read his blog, it's one of those places where  you can go and always see something new, regardless of having read all the posts before.  As well as a place for inspiration.  At least for me.  That being said, I realized that I too needed to start up again.  I don't know that my blog is a place for inspiration, but if it is, I don't want to let you, the reader, down. 

I'm a huge proponent of getting people [back] to scratch building and kit bashing.  Walthers and others are doing a fantastic job of providing kits that any modeler can use to create a fantastic looking layout.  But the ease of doing that today coupled with the amazing variety of kits leads to a majority of layouts looking the same, with different track plans.  Steel Mill modeling, along with almost any heavy industry, has (and I believe should always be) a niche for scratch building and kit bashing.  And if blogs like mine inspire people to step outside the [model] box, then so be it.  And I NEED to post to be part of that process.  It may not be almost daily, like I was posting, but it needs to be at least once a week.

I've been modeling. I built the dust collector for Furnace #3 (Megan), the bleeder stack for the coke works, the freight house for the coke works, started on a "Musser" Primary Cooler for the coke works, and have started in on the coke batteries again.  And my new enterprise is manufacturing detail parts for the steel mill and heavy industry modeler via a Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D printer.  So I have plenty to blog about.  And I'll try to get caught up this weekend, and then get back to the at-least-once-a-week blog posts.

As always, if you enjoy my posts, please leave a comment with your thoughts.  It's a great way for me to gauge what I'm posting, and what you're looking to see.


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